Telehealth Program

woman with monitor on armOur Telehealth Program is an advanced home monitoring service for patients diagnosed with medical conditions, such as CHF and COPD that require close observation.

In-home telemonitoring uses telecommunications devices, about the size of an alarm clock, placed in patients' homes to take their vital signs every day. The technology allows for early intervention when a health problem is detected, helping prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations. It also improves communication with the patient's physician by providing trend reports as needed. Our goal is to increase patient awareness and self care by providing guidance, education and evaluation.

The features include:

The benefits of the Telehealth Program include:

Telehealth monitoring is available through our clinical program (through a physician) as well as our Private Pay Program.

Our Telehealth system is an education tool that manages and monitors patient data daily. It does not replace an emergency response unit. In case of an emergency, patients should always call 911.